About Us

Clint’s Reptile Room started out as just a dream for Clint, his wife Leisha and their four kids. After many years day dreaming, talking about the future and all the possibilities of a what really awesome space where people could actually come, hold, feed and interact with animals would look like–finally became a reality!

The concept of a Reptile Room is new and exciting and people often don’t know what to expect. In the early planning stages, it was important to Leisha that not only people in the reptile hobby felt comfortable at Clint’s Reptile Room, but also people who never imagined themselves interacting with reptiles. The Reptile Room showcases a 100 year old original mural, gorgeous hardwood floors, original brick, vaulted ceilings and beautiful wood detailing. It’s so different than what one might think they’re walking into, which is exactly what we want!

Our goal is help all people have positive experiences with animals and the natural world because then people want to learn about them and protect them. We don’t protect what we don’t love, and we don’t love what we don’t know, and that is why Clint’s Reptile Room exists.

Clint has a PhD in Biology Education, a Masters in Evolutionary Ecology, is well known for his educational YouTube channel, “Clint’s Reptiles,” and has a passion for teaching in a way that is engaging, cooperative and Socratic.

Clint has taught at both Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. Teaching subjects such as genetics, evolution, nature of science, ecology, and organismal diversity.

Clint has been hosting events at Clint’s Reptile Room, and touring schools, homes, and events across the Wasatch front since 2014 instilling a love of science and animals in all who interact with him.

“We don’t protect what we don’t love, and we don’t love what we don’t know.”

A big reason Clint’s Reptile Room exists is because of supporters and viewers on our YouTube channel: Clint’s Reptiles

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